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 Looking for guitar lessons in Edmonton?

Whether you’re just starting to play guitar or you’ve been playing for years, I have the experience and qualifications that will help you get what you want from guitar lessons. Located in Edmonton, Alberta, I’ve helped hundreds of guitar players –  both children and adults – make beautiful music. I’d be delighted to help you, too.

Choose your skill level

Adult guitar lessons

I have extensive experience working with adults, from beginners to professionals. Thirty years of experience include ten years teaching in a post-secondary setting.  Combined with a professional performing career, this has allowed me to acquire experience and materials which enable me to teach almost any style.
I believe that everyone has the ability to play the guitar. Because my approach focuses on creativity and on each student’s interests, lessons are stimulating and students are highly motivated. This is due to customized lessons using music that is relevant to each student. As a result, student satisfaction with guitar lessons is high.  If you want to find out more or take advantage of a free introductory lesson, click below to get started.


Qualifications, and contact information

You can find more information about me and my qualifications on my About Dave  page.
Go to my  contact page to get hold of me by email.

Guitar Performance

You can hear my solo guitar playing here, my jazz ensemble playing here, and my instrumental rock playing here.


Check  here for recordings, and for my book on jazz.
I’m happy you’re considering guitar lessons. Have fun checking out the site!