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A bunch of notes for the blues 2

Here’s the A dorian mode. Use it on the blues in A.


A dorian mode

Here’s the backing track from the last post again.



Play the A dorian scale against it. Once again, get comfortable with the scale, and write down stuff you like as you play it.


Notice that all of the notes of the A minor pentatonic scale are in the A dorian mode. Knowing that, you can easily move between the different moods represented by each of these scales.


Blues scale

Here’s the blues scale in A.

blues scale in A

Play it against the backing track.


Moving between worlds

Each of the four scales I’ve been talking about in the last two posts offers a completely different melodic world. Play the backing track and play each scale, one after the other. As you move from one scale to the other, notice how the mood changes. Does this offer any ideas for composition or song-writing? Are you able to sing along with any of the things you play?


If you can sing along with them, do they inspire any lyrics?


Once you’re comfortable with each of the scales, practice going fluidly between them. For instance, play 4 or 5 notes of minor pentatonic, then 4 or 5 notes of major pentatonic. Then go to dorian and then the blues scale. Try writing a solo that uses all four scales.

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