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Craft, relationship, perfection

Write it down

If you write down all the things you’re trying, you’ll have material for other songs. You know, all that stuff you wrote down that doesn’t work in this song? It might work in another one.

Nothing you make is useless. Save it all.



Think of craft as your relationship with the material. By material I mean everything you use to make a song: chords, rhythms, melody, words. Relationships are built on emotional reactions to what you build with this material.

This is why you write stuff down: so you can look closely at what you’re doing. So you can learn about how you respond to what you’re doing. So you can learn and grow.

If you accept the first thing that comes out of you, then you’re not doing this. You’re not looking at yourself. You’re not allowing yourself to feel anything. You’re saying that you’re perfect.

You’re not perfect. Sorry.


Last words on craft (for now)

Craft is a starting place, a set of possibilities.

It avoids absolutes, certainties

It is about experience. It is about desire.
It can be beautiful.’

– Edmund de Waal


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