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Making Chords in Every Key

If you want to do this, you need to know your key signatures. Good news. It’s not that complicated.


Take a look at the image below.

circle of 5, guitar

Notice how, as you go clockwise around the circle (starting on C), you gain one sharp every time you change letters. The key of C has no accidentals (sharps and flats); the next letter/key – G – has 1 sharp; the next letter (key of D)  has 2 sharps, etc.


Go counter-clockwise and you gain a flat every time you move.


So that means that you can take any key – say E major – and do the same thing that you did with the key of C. The key of E has 4 sharps (check this out above) so…


E   F#   G#   A    B    C#   D#

1    2          4    5    6      7


Start on E, take the 1, the 3, and the 5, and you get an E major chord – E  G#  B.


Now make five E major chords. Now move between them. Now move between them and the C major chords you made. This is a lot of work, I know. But worth it.

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