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No Art Day

Bill Drummond, conceptual artist and former rock star from the UK, has created something he calls No Music Day. Check out the website: The possibility of no music is a good thing to keep in mind if you’re the type of person that makes things. Even if you’re not.

The idea sprung from the fact that we have to listen to a lot of music that we don’t choose to: Muzak, the band next door rehearsing, music bleeding onto the sidewalk from storefronts, the CBC playing random tunes on talk radio, etc.

But what’s interesting to me is the impact that no music in general might have.


Get rid of it all

For maximum impact a day isn’t long enough, and eliminating music doesn’t goes far enough. It should be a week (a month!) long and all things art or connected with art should be eliminated. What would happen?

No music anywhere, art galleries closed and tarped (don’t want to be looking in the windows), architectural beauty covered, live theatre closed, no movies, video stores closed, fashion shows cancelled, radio and tv stations turned off (some of that stuff is art), no bands in clubs, etc. And no computers. There’s way too much art to be made/accessed there.

And then…



Keep track of world events during that week. I’d stay inside myself. There may well be a spike in violent crime and alcohol intake.

But I get the feeling that, after a few days, people would start making their own art. Or crafts. Or something.

If you’re not allowed to be an audience then you’ll have to be a creator.




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