Beginner Lessons

It’s not hard to start, but it’s difficult to continue. There are many reasons for this, but the two most common are a pre-existing routine that crowds out practice time, and uncertainty about what and how to practice.  This is true for children as much as for adults.
So it needs to be fun!
This is particularly important for children, but adults need it, too. Fun starts with students being excited about what they’re learning. Being excited about learning means  knowing what they want to learn. That’s part of their job as a student. Part of my job as a teacher is to giv you material that is fun and challenging, but not so hard that it makes you want to quit.
For maximum fun, sharing music with other people is necessary. This can be any number of things: film your performance and share it on social media. Record a song and give it as a gift. Join a meetup and play music with others. Play for an audience. I provide opportunities for performance twice a year, and of course, every lesson has room for playing together.

Intermediate Lessons

You have the basics down and you’re looking for something more challenging. You might want to improve your technique so you can learn your favourite solos (or make up your own). You might want to figure out how to put country and bluegrass solos together, or acquire some finger-style skills. A lot of students are interested in the blues, and some want to understand jazz. Others are prepping for college entrance exams.
Whatever you’re looking for, I can help.

Advanced Lessons

You’ve done a lot of work, you’ve developed technique and musicianship, and you’re looking for new ideas that will drive your practice forward. That could take the form of studying a new style, becoming more creative in your approach, or exploring new techniques.
I can help with that.