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Free Introductory Lesson

The free introductory lesson is offered as part of a four-lesson package. It achieves a number of things.
  1.  It’s crucial that you feel at ease with the person teaching you. The introductory lesson gives you a chance to see if we’re a good fit.
  2. You can check out my teaching space. There are many things that contribute to your learning. Feeling comfortable in the teaching space is one of them.
  3. I can demonstrate my teaching approach. I use a student-directed approach.
  4. We can decide on a learning plan based on what you want to achieve. You will leave with a monthly, short-term plan related to your long-term goals.
  5. I can make clear what my expectations are for helping you achieve success. This involves a discussion of practicing, and how to fit it into your schedule. This relates to the monthly short-term plan: when, what, why, and how to practice.
I make the free lesson contingent upon a four-lesson package because I believe that this gives the student (and parent, if applicable) the necessary experience and information to make a solid decision about continuing.
If you decide not to continue after four lessons, the skills and knowledge you receive will benefit you if you decide to find another teacher. It will also, of course, be useful in any playing situation.
And just so you know, a decision to study elsewhere is never taken personally by me. It’s important to me that you find the right teacher.
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