“Dave changed my life with his musical guidance. He helped shape my playing, showed me the importance of theory, taught me how to analyze and how think in and outside the box and more, all within a fun and positive learning environment. He is the of one the primary reasons I have a career in music today and I can’t recommend him highly enough.” Ryan Marchant

“Dave gave me the keys, that allowed me to walk through the “doors of music” that I was so desperately trying to find. If we were in the “Matrix”, he would be my “Morpheus”. Lol. It wasn’t just about technique, scales, or strumming patterns with him, no no no… He taught me how to read, play, speak, and see the language of ‘vibration and frequency’. He has the gift of guiding you to master the music within yourself. Just imagine what you can do with that kind of knowledge? The amount of bad ass professional players that I know personally that were former students of his, is staggering. I mean, if you want to give yourself the best chance at being good at something, you might as well learn from the best, no?” – Jason Torwalt

“Dave Wall is an incredible guitar player and teacher. I took lessons from him when he was teaching at Red Deer College. He is patient, cares about his students, and inspired me to be a better musician. He specializes in jazz but is able to teach a variety of styles. I can’t recommend him enough.” – Spencer Lillo

“He was very patient and relaxed with my learning. I felt that I made a lot of progress in a short time. He made sure to find out what kind of music I like listening to so that my lessons could be personalized. I never got bored with practicing because of this.” – Ramona Litwinowich

“Dave Wall is an excellent instructor who emphasizes personal expression in music, and development of technique that furthers the student’s own goals in music. He’s great at identifying physical and psychological roadblocks on the instrument. He does this in a very personable and relatable way, both in one-on-one and group settings. From 2006 to 2009, I took weekly private lessons, as well as a weekly group masterclass, with Dave as part of the Red Deer College music program. As a self-taught guitarist fresh out of high school, I had built up many bad habits, plateaued in technique, and suffered repetitive-strain injuries in my wrists. Dave was able to help pinpoint causes of tension, especially with regard to proper breathing (a guitar player having to think about breathing… what a concept!) Suddenly the instrument was fun to play again, and I began to focus on broadening my musical vocabulary on the guitar and on the staff. Dave is extremely valuable as a guitar teacher, as he is able to present theory and exercises in a way that relates to the student. Though the RDC curriculum focused on jazz, Dave always encouraged me to apply these new concepts to styles that I was interested in (at the time, metal and prog rock.) At the same time, I developed a curiosity towards jazz (so many of the “guitar heroes” cite jazzers as their ultimate source of improvisatory inspiration) and he introduced me to a world of music, and thought, that I still have not come close to fully exploring. At no point did I feel that he was impressing his tastes on me, or trying to “clone himself” as a player. Everything was done with a genuine love of music and learning. Though it has been almost a decade since I had a lesson with him, the education I received from Dave continues to further my musical development. When my technique starts to falter, I go back to the “warm-up and stretches” section of my Dave binder (works every time). And I always find something interesting in the improv section. Really can’t say enough good things about him. Thanks for the music, Dave!” – Matthew Howell

“Patient, creative, knowledgeable and overall a great teacher.” – Daylan Law

“I had the pleasure of having Dave Wall as my guitar instructor for three school years. Three years out of 17 playing guitar may not seem like much but, Dave helped me more than anyone else. He opened my eyes to the endless possibilities of using the guitar as an expression, rather than just playing it. He started me on the journey to finding, and honing, who I am as a player. The confidence in knowing what you’re good at, yet always striving to push yourself. To this day, when I’m writing, I always think to myself, ‘would Dave like this’ or, ‘would Dave find this cool’. Our last lesson was in April 2010. That is how much this man influenced me.” – Nathan Court

“I had Dave as a guitar teacher in Red Deer College for three years, and it was those years my understanding of the guitar grew the most. He helped me learn about several techniques, as well as showed me how to visualize the entire fretboard for my own uses.” – Rory Nicholson

“The great thing about studying with Dave is that he’s comfortable playing and teaching any of the styles that most of us would want to learn but his depth of knowledge and experience goes far beyond those styles. The quality of education students receive from him is much better for this fact.” – Landis Dell

“One of the best guitar players in the city. Dave can get incredible sounds out of his guitar.” Brian Webb, The Brian Webb Dance Company

“In Blue Eyes, Black Hair, Dave Wall has produced a one-man wonder of a score for solo guitar.” Pamela Anthony, Edmonton Journal

“I highly recommend Dave Wall as an amazing composer and guitarist. My group, the Strathcona String Quartet, has performed many of Dave’s pieces over the years. His compositions are absolutely inspirational.” Jennifer Bustin, Manager – Strathcona String Quartet

“I have admired his work as a composer, and as a player with real depth.  He is extremely musical, and has developed a tremendous understanding in music and jazz theory. Dave has become a formidable jazz guitarist, has tremendous powers of concentration, possesses a very quick wit, and is extremely committed to his art. He is most certainly an original thinker, has a great attitude, and is very determined and committed.” Charlie Austin (http://www.charlieaustinjazz.com/), pianist, composer and author

“Wall has produced a formidable body of work, which has been consistently championed by some of the best New Music groups.” Vue Magazine

“In Medias Res  by Dave Wall is a piece that is full of energy, occasionally a bit raucous, and thoroughly engaging.” Dan Albertson, The Living Composers Project