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Becoming a musician

Just imagine…

At some point I started imagining myself as a working musician. Every day I got up, and imagined myself working on new ways of putting chords together, new ways of putting melody with words.  Imaginary songs would get written. After a while, these things started happening for real. I actually started writing songs.

Then I imagined myself singing them for other people. I almost puked.

That can be your reality. The music writing part, not the puking. But maybe the puking, too.


No illusions

Somehow, I became a musician. I’m not sure how. I don’t have the personality to do it, really. I don’t like talking about myself. I don’t like talking about what I do. I do, however, like working really hard. And I like being by myself.

So I worked the last two attributes, until the other two started showing up. It wasn’t easy. Nothing worth doing is, really.

But here’s the thing.

Learning this stuff was interesting and fun, and at the end of the process I could play the guitar and write songs.  And if you do anything long enough, things start happening. Opportunities to make music just sort of pop up.




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