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Repetition 2

Create a phrase of music that demonstrates repetition. Then use the list from the last post to vary it.


Here’s an example.

phrase for rep1a

This isn’t intended to sound musical. It’s just a few ideas strung together. The focus is on how to change it as it repeats.


Here are a few variations.


Variation 1: change the bass

phrase for rep1

Variation 2: change the bass and treble

phrase for rep2

Variation 3: add chords

phrase for rep3

Variation 4: add chords change melody

phrase for rep4

Look over these variations and you’ll notice that pitches change, but the rhythm stays the same throughout.


Also notice that the pitches in the top staff all stay inside the staff. Most of the pitches in the bottom staff do, too. So rhythm and register are really constrained.


Think about all the stuff you could do if you varied the rhythm a bit, and stretched out with the pitches…

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