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Erasures 2

The next step is to take the patterns you’ve made (see last post) and play them in all the possible orders.

Some examples:


  1. Original + erasure 1 + erasure 5
  2. Erasure 4 + erasure 3 + erasure 1 + erasure 6
  3. Erasure 5 + original + erasure 2 + erasure 4 + erasure 3


Get the idea?

You can probably see that the number of possibilities is fairly large. I’m not going to write them all down, but you can. Or just write out three, and then play them. Tomorrow, do a couple more and play around with those. Really, all you have to do is one a day.


New stuff

Working in this way gives you new stuff to explore everyday.

Some of what you make you may not like, but some you will. And that stuff can turn into entire pieces, or just a really cool groove. In any case, your rhythm playing will get better, and you’ll develop an attitude of experimenting.

You’ll become fine with failing because you’ll discover that finding stuff that works is worth looking at the stuff that doesn’t.


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